Fidelity Exploration & Production is involved in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas resources. Fidelity’s activities include the acquisition of producing properties and leaseholds with potential development opportunities, exploratory drilling, and the operation and development of oil and natural gas production properties. Fidelity shares revenues and expenses from the development of specified properties in proportion to its ownership interests.

Fidelity’s business is focused in the Rocky Mountain region and Mid-Continent/Gulf states. Fidelity is headquartered in Denver.

Growth mode

Fidelity has a solid set of assets to grow from and is focusing on the best basins in the Rockies, Texas and Mid-Continent regions. The company is actively expanding key existing positions and exploring emerging opportunities. For 2014, Fidelity expects to invest approximately $670 million in energy development projects. 

Fidelity is part of the MDU Resources Group (NYSE: MDU) family of companies.

Call 1-855-FEPC-OIL (1-855-337-2645) to report an EMERGENCY at any of our well sites or production facilities.